A shutter speed setting on an adjustable camera that allows exposure times under the direct control of the photographer. With this setting, the shutter simply stays open as long
as the shutter button remains depressed.

Hi, and welcome to my new site – and my blog. Why the Bulb Mode name? The blog will contain articles of various
lengths (exposure times) so I decided to call it the Bulb mode. This is the first in what is to become an ongoing
talk about images. Specifically the ones that I take that resonate with me, the ones that have that special
“something” that when you, the viewer, sees it is really taken with it. In short – the images that I will be talking
about have that “magic” quality about them. Since this is the first blog it will be a “longer exposure”.

I am a landscape, portrait and photojournalistic photographer who excels at capturing emotions. My goal is for you, the viewer to feel the ocean on your feet, hear a child’s laughter or be at the game in one of my images. I
then add positive affirmations and quotes to selected images that compliments the image.

Background – For me it started with shooting pictures of friends around Unionville, Ont, the small town in Canada I am from with one of my all time favorite Christmas presents – a Bainer camera with a roll of 24 B&W film. From that point I was hooked. Through the years, as the funds became available, I moved into better cameras. From Canon I started with the FX, then AE-1 and finally the mighty T-90 film cameras. Then once digital became more widespread it was the Digital rebel. I switched to Nikon when I got the D200 in my hands. Then the D610 and finally the D750. Then I started to look at mirrorless and have completely switched over to the Sony A7Rii. The image quality is astounding. This is the format I was waiting for. No more waiting for weeks for my pictures to come back from that far off photo lab. I can now see my
pictures the instant I take them. And so much more room. No more 36 pictures per roll! Now it is 100’s and
thousands of images! This is awesome.

I am, like a lot of professional photographers, am beyond passionate about photography. I live, eat and breathe it. Most of the books in my personal library are photo related
– be it on technique, products or inspiration.

Including this book that I produced for a group of U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. I wanted to show them what they were fighting for, that they weren’t forgotten and that we were grateful for their service.

I shot this picture when I was in my early 20’s. I was mesmerized by the changing light and would watch the changing light throughout the day. The warm sunrise rays streaming through the window. The bright, hard midday sun. The lengthening Then
watch as they moved, shortened and go brighter. I would watch the way

the dust would lazily float around the window – seemingly captured by the light. Then later in the afternoon the light, still changing, would show up, on the other side of the room. Warm, rich in color and the shadows lengthening as the light dropped lower in the sky. Light is my paint. The camera is my brush. Together I capture that specific moment when the subject and light come together.