A Full Service Photo Studio

It starts with image capture, but it isn’t a Be Scene Innovative Image until it is properly finished. I ensure that all aspects of the image, from color correcting, cropping, fine tuning, adding subtle photo effects, and having the images print ready are complete before they are sent to you – the client.From Still Image Videos, to Portraits, Fine Art Landscapes, Weddings, and all representations in between, Be Scene strives to capture extraordinary images that are memorable and that resonate with you.

Still Image Video

The project begins with capturing individual images, each with a special story of their own. When connected together in a visual narrative they create a spectacular story that is both unique and personal in a way that a “slideshow ” can never be.It’s a memorable timeline that depicts a series of milestones that lead up to that special event or accomplishment in your personal life, or that of a loved one. Whether it’s the birth of a baby, college graduation, granddad’s 90th birthday, or the successful completion of a project, I can help you express that special story to family and friends through a seamless connection of your favorite photos using movement, music, transitions, and text. The end result is a very personal and unique narrative, which is an unforgettable and magical experience. From design to development, he works with you to tell your story. Your life, your story – let him tell yours.


This form of photography, taken of a person or group of people whether in a professional or an artistic setting, captures the personality of its subject or subjects by using the best angles, poses, and lighting to enhance the individual’s strengths and attributes. The true quality of a successful portrait, I believe, depends on how relaxed and confident the subject is. When I find that someone is uncomfortable with having their picture taken, I go right to work in helping that person feel at ease and natural. Once the authenticity of the individual is captured, the combination of angle, lighting, and pose fall into place.

Photographer for Hire

Matt Denton of Be Scene is available to capture innovative images. Comfortable in any photographic situation he is able to capture images that tell the story and connect with the viewer. He thinks like a client and is able to capture images that work. Be it commercial, architectural, landscape or fine art his images are memorable, unique and of the highest quality.

Rates start at $100 an hour. Rates are negotiable per project.


This is about catching the allure of a particular place in the world, revealing its natural beauty and imperfections, to entertain, to evoke an emotion, or to tell a story. As with a brush stroke to the canvas, I use my lens to focus on a multitude of details to convey an impression. From the somber vastness of a barren and frozen field to a vibrant menagerie of flora and fauna against an azure expanse of sky, I can capture a natural force, earthly event, or a seasonal moment in time with consideration to stillness, movement, color, space, angle, shadow, light, and depth. From the time of day, to the season of the year, to the perspective of the shooting angle, each of these factors make up the capture of an emotionally compelling landscape image.


It can be as simple as a high school football game, a day in the pool, or picking pumpkins for Halloween. Simple, common events that, coupled with the right image, elevates them from the everyday into something epic. When I am on assignment – be it for a local paper, a national publication or for my own published works – my approach remains the same, to capture images that transform these ordinary events into something magical. Every newsworthy article needs to be accompanied by a dramatic image to support and enhance its message and meaning. With 20 years of experience in the magazine industry, I am adept at capturing substantial images that will embellish any news article’s subject matter with powerful composition, lighting, and background. When it comes to assisting journalists or editors with a visual to capture the essence of an everyday event or social adversity, I know how to think like them and give them what they want. Like a writer with pen and paper, I know how to tell the story with a powerful photo. While there may be some who feel that “it’s only a small game in a non-descript town,” it’s not to the team, nor to me. The assignments I accept are as important and special to me as they are for my clients.


Do you have a product or service that needs promotion? In addition to telling a story about life events, photos are a crucial means to communicate a message to potential customers regarding the benefits of your brand. As a business owner and photographer in today’s increasingly competitive marketing arena, I get it! Let me share with you my expertise in imaging to provide the appropriate amount of color, texture, and dimension that will yield a bold, yet authentic representation of your products or services, digitally or in a newsletter, brochure, or catalog. Whether your business is artistic, technical, industrial, or retail oriented, let me provide compelling images that will get your products or services noticed.


From the bride’s preparation to the exchanging of vows to the final dance at the reception, Be Scene can capture your special day in a compelling story that is as unique as you are. With an eye for detail, I will capture your event in the grand tradition of Life magazine, discretely, without controlling it. You can relax and enjoy your special day while I meticulously capture those adoring and unexpected moments in time that create an everlasting witness to your love and devotion.


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