You make New Jersey look so beautiful.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that as I have heard this from so many people. For most people, when they hear New Jersey their first thought is the Turnpike, the Airport or

For me – my introduction to New Jersey came after moving here from New York City. Initially, I was transferred to NYC from Toronto, Canada. After living there for 6 months, the job I came for changed and I was “given a new opportunity” – in New Jersey. Oh great, I thought – I am moving to the Garden state. What did I ever do to deserve this?

Moving to Red Bank, I was first impressed by how much it reminded me of the small town in Canada that grew up in. The people were

Well I was transferred to New Jersey and I was surprised. Totally surprised. I liked it. Moving to Red Bank, a small town along the Navesink River. I totally fell in love with the town. It reminded me of a town I grew up in. I had found a great place to live and started to get to know my neighbors and make friends.

I decided to learn about New Jersey for myself. Every weekend I explored a different part of NJ. And every weekend I was more impressed by the State. I want to share the love I have for the State with the rest of the world. Ambitious, yes, but if I became a “convert” then others can as well.

My ongoing goal is to show the underlying beauty of the state. To capture its diversity, its unique character and the reason it is called the Garden State.

A large number of my images have been shot throughout New Jersey. From the Shore, to the woods, to the farms and fields, to the parks and to the rivers in all four seasons. I love to discover new places of beauty here in New Jersey. And then to share them with you.

I capture images of everyday places with an added emotional depth to them. I look to both capture the image and the feeling that that image elicits. I feel, that as a professional photographer, no matter where you are, you can capture scenes of extraordinary beauty. That is my ongoing goal. And yes the images may be captured here in New Jersey but there are scenes of equal beauty in other parts of the country. And I do intend to visit them and share them with you.

The Garden State. It’s so much more than the Turnpike, oil storage tanks and the Newark Airport.