Through my lens I help you see our everyday world in an exceptional way.

Hello and welcome to Be Scene Innovative Images.

I’m Matt Denton, and I am proud to be the Founder and Creative Visionary Photographer of Be Scene Innovative Images. I have had a love of photography for as long as I can remember. The act of capturing a moment in time through my lens has always been like breathing to me. I capture emotion. My images resonate. They linger. They capture a specific feeling. They tell a story. Life is all about moments. Every special moment holds a lifetime of memories that live on after the moment has passed. In our normal daily routine, we tend to miss the details of any given moment, as our eyes do not focus on the subtleties of the situation.

I have successfully combined this natural ability with my immense background in promotion, marketing, management, and production to create multimedia photo stories and visual marketing campaigns for local businesses, designers, charities, and individuals. 20 years in the magazine industry with such publications as Time, People, EW, and InStyle, I have amassed invaluable experience in effective composition, lighting, backgrounds, and subject matter. Most importantly, I have the ability to capture extraordinary images of everyday life by anticipating and capturing the moment that will resonate with the viewer. Whether it is a Landscape, Portrait, Wedding, or Commercial image, my goal is to create a compelling story by connecting people, products, and environments through powerful images to evoke a lasting impression, memory, or message.

Capturing that moment in a photograph reveals its emotions; a photograph is a window to a memory, and has the ability to deeply connect you to the beauty of life itself. Still photographs freeze time, immortalizing the memory in a photo. While you will never be able to actually relive that moment, the photo serves as a placeholder for the emotions and memories to take you back.

My inquisitive nature propels me to look at things beyond the surface. Wanting to understand how something works and what can be done if it can be improved upon is something I do on a continuous basis. This sense of observation is what has led me to develop my eye for images. I’ve always enjoyed making connections between really diverse elements. This ability has given me the ability to do some very unique and challenging projects.

The three aspects I take most into consideration when shooting an assignment are forethought, awareness, and preparation. With careful consideration to the client’s requirements, environment, lighting, and angle, I can capture an emotionally refreshing image. It’s important to me to always consider the client’s needs first. Whether the assignment is large or small, my attitude is to treat each situation as if it is for National Geographic. In addition I’m always looking for new angles to surprise and impress the viewers; to create a new perspective they’ve never seen before. Furthermore, I prefer to be discrete by capturing the moment unseen and non-intrusive. I have the ability to make my subjects comfortable and at ease. I understand that having a lens pointed at you is not the most natural of settings for most people. Being comfortable in from of my lens results in a natural portrait—one that captures who you are. All my clientele deserve the best and it is my mission to give them the best!

Matt Denton